Date of Birth

17 April 1985, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Birth Name

Luke David Mitchell


6′ 1″ (1.85 m)

Mini Biography

Trained at the Film & Television Studio International, working with top industry professionals including Joss McWilliam, Iain Gardner, Kim Krejus, Craig McMahon and Dean Carey. He traveled around Australia with international entertainment company, Sudden Impact Entertainment, working in their live interactive theatre shows. Whilst working in a show in Melbourne, he auditioned for the role of Chris Knight on Neighbours.

Originally from the Gold Coast, Luke Mitchell is still finding his way around Sydney, after moving here in June 09, but his character Romeo has no trouble making himself right at home in Summer Bay. Luke says, “Romeo is such a unique character, he’s kind of a love him or hate him type of personality. He’s so self confident and can get away with being cheeky, he has so much fun and loves life, but there is also depth to him and he has an interesting past to say the least.”

Acting was never in the game plan for Luke, who played tennis from age five – 19 with the aim of going professional. It was at 19, when Luke was training seven days a week when he realised tennis was the only thing in his life and he decided to give it up. Although the decision was hard and shocked those around him, there was a sense of freedom, “Once tennis was gone, I was able to spend more time figuring out what it was I really wanted to do” he states.

Luke’s decision to give up tennis definitely came as a surprise to his family – he has an older brother (who coaches tennis on the Gold Coast), two younger brothers (one used to play tennis and the youngest plays at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra) and a younger sister.

Although Luke did not do any drama at school and hated the compulsory classes, once he started acting lessons, he found himself in a scary but new world. Although his parents were very supportive, when Luke told his mother he was moving to Melbourne to be an actor, she told him he was either going to end up on the streets, or rich and famous.

Luke continued classes in Melbourne and had a 3 month guest role in Neighbours in 07/08. Last year Luke moved back to the Gold Coast for a lead role in H20 and the day after he wrapped, he moved to Sydney. A week after landing in Sydney, he got the role of Romeo.

On feeling at home on set, Luke singles out Ray (Alf) as “such a gentleman, he has, as well as everyone else, gone out of his way to make me feel welcome – and he’s a television icon.”

Luke was born on the 17th April 1985 under the Zodiac sign of Aries.